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transtainer transportation colombia history


TRANSTAINER SAS was established in 1999 initially for handling perishable cargo, and from 2008, for all types of cargo.Its aim is to provide Freight Forwarding services to the foreign trade market by offering a service alternative based on the knowledge and experience of its partners and employees, and supported by a clear vocation for customer service.We have a broad base of customers that are established in the major cities of the country.It has grown exponentially over the time of existence of the company.

Customers recognize the legal knowledge and experience that have manage to successfully carry outtheir import and export operations.

Currently, TRANSTAINER SAS occupies an excellent position in the market, performing Freight Forwarding operations for our clients to and from more than a hundred countries worldwide.

transtainer transportation colombia history
transtainer transportation colombia vision


To thoroughly fulfill our customers’ needs and our stockholder’sexpectations,and to provide our employees with professional and personal growth.


As an international Freight Forwarding Agents, we wanta solid and profitable company that is in theACI’s “top 20” ranking of the country, that is recognized for the quality ofits service, for its excellent working environment, and for its commitment with the professional and personal growth of its employees.

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Security Policy

TRANSTAINER SAS conducts theoperations of its clients with security practices in its staff management, its processes, and its business partners in order to have a secure trade by preventing illegal activities and complying with the legal regulations of Colombia.

Safety Objectives

    That the operations of the TRANSTAINER clients are completed in a safe way.
    That the safety assessment of all of its business associates is complete.
    That the safety assessment of all of its employees is complete.
    The continuous improvement of our comprehensive management system BASC.


  • basc business alliance for secure commerce
  • fitac federación colombiana de agentes logísticos en comercio internacional
  • family of ligistics networks